Holly Lid


One of the 100 sling bags made for you. We couldn't decide, they were all dear to our hearts so we made them all. We played with the idea of designing women's purses, slings to be exact and we had fun doing it. In the end, once many ideas were finalised we couldn't decide between them. We kept them all and made them so you can make the choice.

This particular sling is a variant with a lid and a magnetic closing.


Don't get lost in the 100 bags we made for you. Choose a basic shape, with a lid, Lid or with a zipper, Zippy. Then choose a particular design element that adorns it, 3 perforation in a crescendo of sizes, Trinity, many symmetrical perforated circles Holly, liniar striated lines in relief, Linny, a net of square perforations Netty, or a knitted panel Knitty. Then have your choice of 10 different colors from the dropdown on each page. Let your imagination work and see yourself wearing the perfect bag with your favourite outfit.  


The type of Italian leather we use is the kind that gets better with age, top and full grain with a touch of oil or in the case of the 100 Slings project, Italian Suede. It will not deteriorate over time, it will only build character and become a heirloom to be passed on to future generations. In the case of the suede, it will have a wonderful feel to the touch but it will require special attention.


Our buckles and screws are aviation inspired and made of aviation grade aluminium. Aesthetically pleasing, sturdy, simple and light. We believe in form and we also believe in function in equal measure.

  • Italian Full Grain Leather or Suede Leather (Depending on Model)
  • Aviation Grade Aluminium Fittings
  • 1 Small Zippered Pocket
  • 1 Medium Pocket (Fits most Smart Phones)
  • Choice of 10 Accent Colors
  • Magnetic Closing

Size: 24 X 20 X 8 cm ( handle not measured )  9 X 8 X 3 inch

Shipping: Worldwide Friendly

30 Day Returns