Black Textile & Classic Buckle


Our Start Product in Textile Variant! We have been the most successful company in crowdfunding fashion accessories ever, in the world, for many years in the world and for good reason. People that wear our Smart Belt for the first time say that they never knew their regular belt was so uncomfortable. The track and ratchet system we use makes the belt 5 times more adjustable and you don't even have to unbuckle to do it. As your waist size changes throughout the day the fit is always perfect, that's why it's so comfortable. We ship all our belts at max. length and you cut it down to size, so now wrong sizes, just a perfect fit.

  • Track & Ratchet - 32 Steps - 500% More Adjustable than 5 Holes
  • Cut To Size - Comes for a Max. Waist of 115 cm / 45" and You Cut It